Engineering Services


Electrical Engg Works

All kind of Electrical Engg Works, Consultancy Services & AMC / Service Contract/ Job Contract.

Civil Engg Work

Civil Engg Work All Kind of Civil Engineering Works, Consultancy Services & AMC / Service Contract/ Job Contract.

Power grid Substation

Operation and maintenance of all kind of substations such as 11kv, 33kv, 66kv, Power grid Substation.

Cleaning Air Filters

Annual Maintenance contract for Cleaning Air Filters, Water tank and Painting booth to be maintained.


Operation and maintenance of pharmaceutical & production industry installations such as air compressors, oxygen plants etc.

DG sets & lifts

Operation and Maintenance of DG Sets Maintenance. DG Sets Supply and Installation works.

Heating Ventilation

Heating Ventilation – Air conditioning works & AMC / Service Contract/ Job Contract.

Electrical Inspection

Annual electrical inspectorate periodical inspection works, annual shutdowns etc

Installation & Testing

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical items such as: Transformers, HT/LT Panels, Motors, High Mas

EH-HT works

EHT/HT/LT cable laying works

OFC Cabling

OFC telephone cable laying works.

CCTV, Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm, network working system works.

Technical Support/TSU

All kind of Technical Supports Services/TSU which monitoring dashboard and management